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Jobs in wind energy

Wind energy turbines are complex systems, with mechanics being an essential component. If the mechanics do not function properly and everything does not fit together, the entire system cannot operate effectively.

To ensure this, meticulous planning, precise execution during construction, and regular inspections are necessary. This requires trained professionals who are well-versed in common turbine systems. And that’s where your opportunity lies: Here, you will find jobs for mechanics in wind turbines.

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Plant Mechanics and Wind Energy Technicians

Job offers for mechanics in wind turbines primarily target candidates with a background in craftsmanship. Primarily, these are mechanics of various kinds. Ideally, they already have some experience in the role of wind turbine mechanics. The job as a plant mechanic, for example, already provides a basic understanding of the structure and construction of turbines in general. However, possessing this qualification is not mandatory for every job, and career changers are also welcome.

Requirements for Windturbine-Mechanic Jobs

Like other professions, jobs as wind turbine mechanics require specific skills. A technical or craftsmanship vocational education is essential to demonstrate the necessary expertise. However, in the wind energy field, additional qualities are important to carry out the work. This includes being free from vertigo, as the work takes place at great heights. Absolute height compatibility is therefore essential. If you aim to work as an offshore mechanic, seafaring skills are also beneficial.

Furthermore, the work is physically demanding. This means that a basic level of fitness is required. Additionally, every employee must be a team player as the demanding tasks are generally performed in teams. Each team member must be able to rely on others 100%. Work is also carried out according to service plans to ensure the maintenance of individual turbines. As the turbines are sometimes located far apart, willingness to travel is necessary. The ability to work independently is also crucial to solving problems quickly.

Responsibilities of Wind Turbine Mechanics

Craftsmen are valuable employees in the field of renewable energy, responsible for technical implementation and operation. The tasks are diverse, resulting in various jobs for wind turbine mechanics. The responsibilities can be easily divided into construction and service. Mechanics can work both onshore and offshore.

Wind Turbine Mechanics – Jobs in Wind Park Construction

Once the planning of a new turbine is completed and all permits are obtained, the implementation phase begins. This offers numerous job opportunities for mechanics, as the entire turbine must be constructed and assembled with expertise. The mechanical components must function flawlessly to enable smooth operation in the future. Once everything is in place, the employees ensure proper commissioning to ensure smooth operation without issues.

Wind Turbine Mechanics – Jobs in Service

Once the turbines are installed and operational, the work for wind turbine mechanics continues. The operation must be maintained, problems need to be avoided or resolved. This includes servicing, repairs, and maintenance. Regular visits to the turbines, inventory assessments, and system inspections are part of the job. Another task is to rectify existing faults and damages. This minimizes disruptions and ideally prevents them altogether. Proper documentation is crucial throughout the process, allowing all project participants to stay up to date.

Additional Qualifications for Wind Turbine Mechanic Jobs

For those who want to establish a reliable foothold in the wind energy field, targeted further training is available. Many job postings for wind turbine mechanics mention the term “service technician.” Although not mandatory, it offers several advantages. Graduates receive specific training tailored to the specific requirements of wind energy turbines. This not only enhances the expertise of professionals already working in the wind energy sector but also facilitates career transitions.

Earnings as a Wind Turbine Mechanic

There is no general statement regarding salaries. They depend on individual work experience and the conditions within the employing company. The specific job field also plays a role.

Offshore jobs as mechanics are often slightly better remunerated due to the specific requirements. If you would like an assessment in this regard, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with advice.

Career Opportunities as a Wind Turbine Mechanic

There are few industries with better prospects. Renewable energies are booming, and wind energy is their main pillar, both onshore and offshore. Therefore, wind turbine mechanic jobs are crucial. Now is the time for mechanics in these fields to jump on board, as the industry is growing, and the trend is still towards job expansion. With the right qualifications, it is easy to build a successful career in this field.

The most important qualities to bring to the table are adaptability, willingness to cooperate, and initiative. The industry is experiencing rapid changes, and those who cannot keep up will struggle. As demanding work is carried out in teams, where each member must be able to rely on others completely, cooperation is vital. Moreover, there are situations where urgent problems require swift solutions. Prolonged decision-making processes are unsuitable in such cases, as quick decision-making abilities are necessary.

Wind Turbine Mechanics at RTS

With RTS Wind AG, you have a trusted partner in the field of wind energy. Thanks to years of experience in implementing wind parks worldwide, we provide excellent conditions for our employees. Our various teams are always looking for reinforcements. Whether you are an ambitious career starter, an experienced craftsman, or an enthusiastic career changer, we offer wind turbine mechanic jobs onshore and offshore.

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