About us

More than 25 years of company history

For over a quarter of a century, our company, RTS Wind AG, has been writing a story of growth, innovation and dedication in the wind energy industry. Our journey began with a vision: generating sustainable energy through the power of wind.
Today, we are proud to say that we are not only part of this dynamic industry, but have also taken a firm place in it.

Our strength lies in the combination of extensive experience, a relentless pursuit of quality, a robust network and deeply rooted values. These elements are the foundation of our success and the added value we offer our partners and the community. In the “About us” section, we would like to tell you not only about our history, but also about the passion and commitment that have made us what RTS is today.

It is the story of people who want to make the world a better place with their work by championing wind energy.

Our journey has been characterised by challenges, learning moments and successes. Every step has brought us closer to our goal of making wind energy more accessible and efficient worldwide.

We are grateful for the companions who have accompanied us on this journey and look forward to the future as we continue to pioneer and innovate in the wind energy industry.

At RTS, we look back with pride at what we have achieved and look forward with confidence. Join us on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future.

About us: The development of RTS Wind AG


Founder Ivo Lippe develops the vision of realising the energy transition with motivated employees and making a contribution to a clean future.


RTS Wind GmbH is founded. The first own office is established in the Landmarktower in Bremen. Entry into offshore wind energy.


The GmbH is renamed a public limited company. RTS Wind AG is no longer purely a temporary employment agency, but operates as an independent service provider.


The specialised departments “Onshore Projects“, “Rotor Blade Service“, “Operation & Maintenance” and “Personnel Solutions” are established. An office in Austria is added.


KMB Recruitment Ltd becomes our first office in the United Kingdom as RTS Wind Ltd.


First place in the ENERCON ISP Award in the Service & Maintenance category (ISP = Independent Service Provider).


RTS Wind AG and all associated offices receive ISO certifications 9001 and 14001.


OnRope Lda in Portugal becomes part of the RTS Wind Group. Marvin Benker joins the Management Board of RTS Wind AG as CEO.


CEO Ivo Lippe leaves the company at the end of the year and Marvin Benker is the sole CEO of RTS Wind AG.

Employee statements

What I really appreciate at RTS Wind AG is the good team spirit among colleagues. This applies both to the employees at the wind farms and to the contacts in the office. Together, we manage the challenging task of implementing the energy transition. This often means travelling long distances, working in all weather conditions and observing many safety regulations. A good team is the be-all and end-all.

– Michal, Field Supervisor

I chose wind energy because this industry has so much to offer me: Adventure factor, challenge, constant technical development, lots of fresh air and working in an international team. I also have the good feeling that I am doing something lasting for the future of our planet. RTS Wind AG and Rotorblattservice are the ideal employer for me with many good goals, I don’t know the daily grind, every day challenges me and helps me to grow professionally and personally.”

– Wjatseslaw, Team Lead

A job that challenges me mentally and physically was important to me. I like being out in the fresh air and I love the view from my job. I am also a craftswoman through and through. This work has many small and large challenges that I have to face, but above all I want to. I also want to be part of the development of renewable energies. It’s more of a vocation than a profession.

– Marika, Rope Access Technician

It is important to me to do something meaningful with my job. By working in wind power, I ensure that renewable energies cover our electricity needs in a climate-neutral way, which is climate protection in action. I also enjoy working at height, there are few professions that can offer such a good view.

– Armin, Service Technician

Working in the wind industry as a rope access technician at RTS Wind Ag is a dream job for me. It combines many of my passions because I love being outdoors, hanging in the air and being involved with the environment. Not only is the work environment breathtaking and never boring, I also have the privilege of working with absolute legends who are also striving for an extraordinary life. What fun!

– Alex, Rope Access Technician

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