Professions in wind energy

To give you a better overview, we have described the most important professions related to wind turbines for you in a little more detail:

  • Wind Turbine Service Engineers

    In the field of wind power, service involves maintenance and operation assurance once the turbine is installed. This includes maintenance, repair, and servicing activities. Service engineers for wind turbines are responsible for troubleshooting and preventing issues related to generators or rotor blades. The scope of their work covers both electronic and mechanical components, offering a…

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  • Wind Turbine Service Technicians

    In wind power service, the focus is on maintaining and ensuring the operation of the turbine. This involves repairing, maintaining, and servicing all relevant systems. Wind turbine service technicians are responsible for troubleshooting and preventing issues in all areas, from generators to rotor blades and electrical systems. As a result, you work collaboratively with colleagues…

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  • Offshore Coordinator

    The coordination and monitoring of deliveries and inventory on offshore platforms are essential for their operation. You ensure that there is sufficient equipment in good condition and take care of supplies. As an Offshore Coordinator, you are responsible for ensuring that the platform is always adequately supplied and that everything is in good condition. Tasks…

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  • Industrial rope access technician

    Working at great heights and in hard-to-reach areas is everyday bread and butter for industrial rope access technicians. You are deployed wherever cranes or scaffolding cannot be used. Overall, the field of work is versatile: cleaning, assembly, repairs, and inspections are typical tasks for industrial rope access technicians. The offshore wind energy sector poses special…

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  • Wind Turbine Technicians / Electricians

    In wind power installations, complex electricians are used, which require not only installation but also maintenance. This means that the work takes place both during construction and in operation. Wind turbine technicians (electricians) are responsible for troubleshooting and preventing disruptions in production and electrical systems. Additionally, they handle the installation of electronic components during construction.…

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