Job vacancies for electricians in wind energy

Job vacancies for electricians in wind energy

Electronics technicians are in high demand in the wind energy industry. The energy turnaround cannot be implemented without dedicated professionals to maintain and repair wind turbines and keep them performing at their best. Since there is a lot of electrical work around the wind turbines, we need service technicians with electronic training.

Electricians can look forward to a varied and responsible field of work out in the wind farms. Together we are implementing the energy transition! That’s why we need you! Here you can find our current vacancies, but we are also happy to accept unsolicited applications!

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Electricians in wind energy and beyond

Electricians work with electrical power supply, industrial systems, building systems, and automation technology daily. They can apply these skills in wind turbines as well. Wind turbines are complex systems that require attention and care. Trained professionals are needed both during the installation phase and for ongoing operations. Their responsibility is to prevent or quickly rectify any malfunctions.

Requirements for job vacancies as electricians in wind energy

Job vacancies for electricians for wind turbines do not differ fundamentally from other jobs. A professional qualification is necessary to demonstrate the required expertise. However, working in the wind energy industry requires fulfilling specific prerequisites. As the work is sometimes performed at heights of 100 meters or more, every worker must have a head for heights. A certain level of acclimation to heights is essential. Those who wish to work as electricians offshore must also have sea legs.

In addition, the work involves physical exertion, demanding a basic level of fitness. Cooperation within a team is essential as the work is always performed in a team setting. Furthermore, work is conducted according to prescribed service plans that must be adhered to. Multiple installations spread across Germany and Europe are maintained, requiring a willingness to travel and overnight stays near wind farms. To solve acute problems, quick and effective decision-making is necessary.

Electricians for wind energy – Areas of responsibility

Craftsmanship is essential for the energy transition, as technical implementation and operation require expertise. Therefore, job vacancies for electricians in wind turbines are diverse. The most common distinction is made between installation and service areas. Electricians, formerly known as electrical technicians, work both offshore and onshore.

Electricians in the installation of wind turbines

Once the planning phase is completed and the necessary permits are obtained, implementation begins. At this stage, electricians for wind turbines come into play. Their initial task is to install the entire system, which includes wiring, connections, control cabinet wiring, and mechanical completion. This also involves the installation of the turbine’s core components: the nacelle and hub. To perform this work reliably and with expertise, specific training and additional qualifications are available.

Electricians in the wind farm operation and maintenance

When the turbine is up and running, the work for electricians in wind turbines is not finished. The focus shifts to maintaining its operation: servicing, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. This includes regular visits to the turbines to inspect and maintain the systems. It also involves troubleshooting, locating and eliminating any faults. Additionally, it is necessary to promptly resolve and rectify any issues that arise. By carefully documenting the work, all project stakeholders can see what has been done and what needs to be done.

Qualifications for electricians – offshore and onshore

Many job vacancies for electricians in wind energy list the specific job title of “service technician.” This is not a traditional apprenticeship but an additional qualification. It is not mandatory to hold this qualification to secure a relevant position, but it offers advantages. Graduates receive targeted training for the specific requirements of wind turbines. This often facilitates career transitions, and qualified applicants can enhance their chances.

What do I earn as a wind turbine electrician?

Providing precise salary information is not possible as it varies depending on factors such as the company, level of responsibility, and experience. In general, the more experience, certificates, and qualifications an employee brings in the field of wind energy, the higher the earning potential. If you would like an assessment, feel free to contact us directly for personalized advice.

Career opportunities as electrician in offshore and onshore wind farm operations

The renewable energy market is booming, creating job opportunities. The chances of building a successful career and finding employment in the wind power industry are promising. The energy transition is well underway and will require more wind farms, as they are a key pillar of this transition. Therefore, if you have the right qualifications and are ready for a challenge, nothing stands in your way in this industry.

The most important qualities to succeed as an electrician in offshore or onshore positions are cooperation and initiative. Primarily, work is carried out in teams where members must rely on each other. However, there may be situations where quick solutions for acute problems are required, calling for independent decision-making and initiative. Adaptability is also crucial to keep pace with the rapid developments in the industry. With these qualities, success is within reach.

RTS as an Employer for Electricians in Wind Turbines

With RTS Wind AG, you have an experienced partner by your side, with years of experience in the field of wind power. We strive to create the best conditions for all employees involved in implementing wind farms worldwide. Our teams are always happy to welcome new members, whether you are a curious apprentice, motivated career changer, or experienced electrician.

We offer a wide range of opportunities in offshore and onshore wind energy, so you can find the perfect fit. Simply use our online form to apply and become part of our service and project teams. To get an initial impression of our company, feel free to visit our online presence. You can find information on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Additionally, you can gain insights into our everyday work on YouTube.

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