Career Change to wind energy industry

Career change into wind energy

Looking for a future-proof job in a global industry? As a career changer in the wind energy sector, you’ll find a multitude of opportunities. Showcase your skills in service services around wind turbines. From technician to executive, onshore and offshore, our growing sector offers diverse roles.

Whether you’re an adventurer or have an aptitude for administration, as a career changer in wind energy, you’ll find a job that suits you well – all while contributing to sustainable and long-term energy production.

Job with a Future: Career changer in Wind Energy

The wind energy industry offers numerous perspectives and is steadily growing. The demand for wind energy is increasing due to high greenhouse gas emissions and an enhanced use of renewable energies. It’s not just Germany that has ambitious targets: wind turbines are being erected more frequently worldwide.

Looking for a new professional challenge? Career changers in wind energy will find optimal conditions here.

Over the years, wind energy technology has made significant advances. New possibilities for its use are continually arising. Many countries and regions are turning to wind energy to diversify their energy supply and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Companies and research institutions are constantly working on technology enhancement, efficiency increase, and cost reduction.

There is a considerable need for new solutions: wind energy must be integrated into the electrical grid, energy storage improved, and grid stability ensured. As a career changer in wind energy, you’ll discover a vast range of fields with immense potential!

In which areas can career changers in wind energy work?

Want to work as a career changer in wind energy? Choose from various areas and find a job that suits you:

Wind Energy Technology

This revolves around the development, installation, maintenance, and repair of wind turbines. Monitor the operation of the machines, conduct inspections, or troubleshoot technical issues.

Project Development

This area focuses on the planning and implementation of wind energy projects. Identify potential locations, conduct feasibility studies, handle permit procedures, or coordinate wind farm construction.

Wind Farm Operation

You’d be responsible for the smooth operation of wind farms. Monitor energy yield, coordinate maintenance and repairs, optimise machine operation and ensure safety standards are met.

Electrical Engineering

Electricians and electrical engineers play a vital role in the electrical installation and maintenance of wind turbines. They handle cabling, commission control and monitoring systems, and perform electrical repairs and maintenance. Even in this, career changers in wind energy can make their mark.

Environmental Protection

The wind energy industry needs environmental experts to assess environmental impacts, consider conservation aspects, and obtain environmental permits. Monitor the habitats of birds and bats and devise strategies to minimise environmental impacts.

Logistics and Transport

Installing and operating wind turbines requires efficient logistics and the transport of components like rotor blades, turbine towers, and generators. Logistics and transport specialists are organisational wizards. They coordinate material flow and ensure timely delivery.

This is just a glimpse of the possibilities. In which area do you want to work as a career changer in wind energy?

Requirements for Career Changers in Wind Energy

Want to take a new direction as a career changer in wind energy? Then you should be passionate about renewable energies. Do you believe wind energy is crucial for sustainable energy supply and climate protection? Then wind energy is precisely the right fit for career changers like you.

If you also have a technical interest, you possess the ideal prerequisites for understanding the technical aspects of the sector. Knowledge in fields such as mechanics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or renewable energies is advantageous.

Many positions in wind energy require specific training or a degree in a relevant field. Depending on the area of activity, specific knowledge can be acquired later: in wind turbine technology, control technology, electrical engineering, project development, environmental management, or sales.

Work in the wind energy sector often involves teamwork. Can you collaborate well with others? Projects are typically executed by different professionals with varied tasks and responsibilities.

The wind energy industry is constantly evolving and changing. Thus, it’s vital to continually update oneself about new technologies and regulations. Eager for a diverse and growing field of work? Then become a career changer in wind energy.

Your Successful Transition into Wind Energy

Is this sector your new professional challenge? With these tips, you’re well-prepared as a career changer in wind energy:

What knowledge and qualifications can you already demonstrate?

Find out which areas of the wind energy sector might be suitable for your transition. What further training or qualifications do you need for your desired position?

How familiar are you with the industry?

Acquaint yourself with the wind energy sector and research information on current trends, technologies, companies, and career opportunities. Keep an eye on industry-specific news and inform yourself about events or trade fairs.

Have you gained practical experience?

To enhance your chances during career change, consider internships or project participation. This helps extend your skills and knowledge, providing insight into the industry’s workflows and challenges.

What are your further training opportunities?

With certificate courses, part-time degree programmes, or specialised training, you can stay updated. Inform yourself about educational offers from institutions, companies, or industry associations.

Do your application documents align with your professional objectives?

Highlight the relevant qualifications, knowledge, and experiences significant for your intended position. Ensure they reflect your interest in renewable energies and your motivation to work in wind energy as a career changer.

Are you flexible and eager to learn?

Can you easily adapt to new work environments and tasks? The wind energy sector is dynamic and constantly changing. Excited about new content? Then making a career transition is the right decision for you.


What jobs are there for career changers in wind energy?

Wind Energy Service Technician
Here, you maintain and rectify faults in wind turbines.

Remote Monitoring Technician
From a control room, you remotely monitor wind turbines’ technical condition.

Project Manager for Wind Farm Planning
A wind farm project manager develops a wind energy project from site selection to commissioning the wind turbine.

Land Acquisition Specialist
You search for potential locations for wind turbines and negotiate usage contracts with landowners.

Technical Manager
You organise the technically flawless operation of a wind turbine.

Commercial Manager
Here, you coordinate the economic operation of wind energy projects.

Which professions are interesting for RTS Wind AG as lateral entrants?

We are always on the lookout for motivated professionals (m/f/d) who want to implement the energy transition with us. We are particularly interested in electronics technicians, mechanics (or comparable professions), but also in anyone with a talent for craftsmanship and a willingness to travel. With a little time and skill, anyone can find a place in this industry. Being able to work at heights is important if you want to work on the wind turbines, as is a class B driving licence to be able to travel to the place of work.

But commercial specialists (m/f/d) are also welcome to apply to us. On the one hand, we are happy to have reinforcements in our office teams, on the other hand, our customers in the industry also assign commercial jobs and make use of our expertise for this.

Where can career changers in wind energy find work?

Especially in wind energy services, there is always a demand for new staff. They work onshore and offshore worldwide. Service technicians, rotor blade technicians, industrial climbers, and wind turbine technicians typically work for major machine manufacturers across Europe and the world, within the framework of service and factory contracts or through recruitment to support their teams.

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