Wind Turbine Engineers

Wind Turbine Engineers

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Wind farms are vast installations with highly complex and demanding energy generators: wind turbines. They are impressive when standing tall and turning gracefully in the wind. However, they need to be built first. Not only that, but regular maintenance is also necessary for them to perform their tasks undisturbed.

This requires skilled professionals with the technical know-how to construct and operate them. This page features various job opportunities for wind turbine engineers.

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Engineers for Wind Turbines and Beyond

Few professions are as diverse as that of engineers. Whether in wind turbines, industry, the public sector, or other sectors, there are always job opportunities. In a wide range of work areas, the core task remains the same: assembling individual components or modules into functional devices and systems. The work is not limited to regular day-to-day operations; it can also involve working on-site for extended periods, known as “on-site assembly.” It is not uncommon for the commute to be long, requiring overnight stays in the vicinity.

Requirements for Wind Turbine Engineers

To find a job as an engineer in wind turbines, several requirements must be met. Naturally, specific technical knowledge is essential, which requires completing a vocational training program. In addition, a certain level of manual dexterity and fundamental qualities such as reliability and responsibility are necessary. However, the wind energy sector demands more than just the typical requirements of the profession.

Since the work usually takes place at heights of around 100 meters, applicants must have an absolute lack of vertigo and be able to work at heights. Furthermore, the job requires a basic level of physical fitness. Cooperation and teamwork skills are even more crucial for this reason: each team member must be able to rely on others. Additionally, work is carried out according to prescribed service plans and often in the field. Therefore, willingness to travel is another requirement for working as an onshore or offshore wind turbine engineer.

Engineers in Wind Turbines – Areas of Responsibility

Even in the era of the energy transition, skilled trades are indispensable. They play a significant role in ensuring the technical implementation and smooth operation of energy systems, including wind turbines, as well as troubleshooting when issues arise. When looking at job offers for service engineers in wind turbines, the work can be divided into two main areas: construction and service.

Wind Turbine Engineers – Jobs in Construction

The planning phase is complete, and all permits have been obtained – it’s time for construction to begin. Wind turbine engineers are essential for the implementation of wind farms. They assemble individual components, combine them into modules, and ultimately construct the entire turbine. The installation of rotor blades is often a major challenge, as adverse weather conditions can hamper progress. If conditions are not suitable, work may need to be postponed. Once everything is erected, the turbines are commissioned, and every step is documented.

Wind Turbine Engineers – Jobs in Service

Once the turbine is fully constructed and commissioned, the work for wind turbine engineers continues, focusing on keeping the turbines operational. This involves regular inspections, maintenance tasks, and addressing any necessary repairs. Disruptions can occur even with scheduled inspections, so quick solutions must be found. Work is carried out according to service plans, often in the field. However, unexpected problems may require adjustments to the plan.

Additional Qualifications for Wind Turbine Engineer Jobs

In job postings, the term “service engineer” is often used instead of “wind turbine engineer.” This is not a specific vocational training occupation but rather an additional qualification that can be acquired. While not always mandatory, it offers several advantages. Interested individuals receive specialized training tailored to the specific requirements of wind turbines. It often facilitates career transitions and can increase the chances of applicants with relevant qualifications. The qualification can be obtained from certified educational institutions.

Salary for Service Engineer Jobs in Wind Turbines

It is challenging to provide a general statement about salaries, as they vary significantly based on factors such as the company, job responsibilities, and professional experience. Additionally, whether the job is onshore or offshore as a wind turbine engineer makes a difference. Offshore jobs, which typically involve 14-day rotations without private meetings, often offer higher compensation. If you would like an assessment in this regard, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with personalized advice.

Career Opportunities as an Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbine Engineer

Few markets are booming as much as the renewable energy sector. Wind energy is its most crucial pillar. While onshore installations outnumber offshore wind farms, the latter are often more efficient due to consistent wind conditions. However, both areas offer numerous job opportunities for wind turbine engineers. Job openings provide excellent prospects for anyone seeking a sustainable career with future prospects. With the right qualifications, anyone can rise to the challenge and build a successful career in this field.

Adaptability is essential in the industry, as renewable energy and wind power, in particular, are rapidly evolving. Cooperation and initiative are equally critical. Work is primarily carried out in teams of two to three people, often at great heights. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to rely on one another. Additionally, urgent problems require quick solutions. This often calls for swift decision-making to find rapid resolutions.

RTS Wind AG as an Employer for Wind Turbine Engineers

RTS Wind AG is your trusted partner in the field of wind energy. With years of experience in implementing wind farms worldwide, we create the best conditions for our employees. Our teams always welcome strong support to carry out their tasks efficiently. Whether you are an experienced tradesperson, an ambitious career changer, or a motivated entry-level candidate, we have a place for you.

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