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Job vacancies in wind energy – Internal Jobs

RTS Wind AG is a service provider for wind turbines. The head office is located in Bremen and there are locations in Austria, Portugal and Taiwan. Especially in our office in Bremen, we are regularly looking for commercial reinforcement for our team and therefore post internal jobs in this section. However, we are also happy to receive committed unsolicited applications at any time.

The office team consists of recruiters, project managers, clerks and technical coordinators. In addition to the wind energy departments, RTS Wind AG has administration, purchasing, marketing and quality management. The bright and modern offices in Bremen’s Überseestadt (Germany) offer an open, communicative working atmosphere in which it is easy to work.

Internal jobs: We are looking for you

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We currently have no internal job offers. Here you will find a selection of currently open positions:

Do you have questions about our open jobs?

We are happy to help.

Application Center

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 4 pm
(German time)
Tel. +49 421 – 696 80 033

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What you can expect in our team

Your health is important to us

As an employee of RTS Wind AG, you have the opportunity to participate in our company fitness programme E-GYM/Wellpass. This fitness association has more than 7,500 partners in the sports and wellness network. With a small monthly contribution you are part of it.

Free company fruit, coffee and water

At the RTS Wind AG headquarters, fresh organic fruit comes once a week for everyone, and there is also water in glass bottles and several fully automatic coffee machines.

Special benefits & bonuses

In 2023, all employees of RTS Wind AG will receive an inflation bonus in addition to their salary. Other benefits are also waiting for you.

Our common goal: Protecting the Earth

Our theme is working towards a future that remains liveable for all people. That is why we are helping to implement the energy transition. The idea that we are actively contributing to this development motivates us a lot in our everyday work.

In addition, we have two bee colonies at our headquarters, which help to preserve biodiversity in our district. We have our own e-charging station and – if possible – drive electrically. We buy a lot of plastic-free and avoid waste wherever possible.

We are a team

The RTS Wind AG team attaches great importance to a pleasant working atmosphere, even outside the professional framework. That’s why we regularly organise joint events such as company runs, Christmas parties, summer parties and excursions.

Wind power – jobs with a future

Renewable energies are our future. And this means that the related professions are also increasingly in demand. The energy transition has begun, and the number of employees in the sector is steadily increasing. The expansion of wind energy and thus of job offers is to be further promoted. This requires qualified personnel for planning, implementation and support. Electricity is always needed, so jobs for wind energy are future-proof jobs.

If you are interested in the opportunities for advancement, you can say that the career opportunities are good. Especially in the field of wind energy and related jobs, initiative and the ability to cooperate stand out as required skills. No one is alone here, but sometimes solutions have to be found quickly on their own. In addition, there is a high degree of adaptability, as the industry undergoes frequent changes. Especially in the field of expert opinions, further training is therefore indispensable.

What does this profession actually do in wind energy?


As a clerk in the wind energy industry, you are responsible for all documents, organizational processes, scheduling and reports relating to the deployment of the teams in the wind farms. You book accommodation, organize vehicles, check and organize training and make sure that the safety equipment and work materials for the teams are available and comply with safety guidelines. You will work closely with the technical coordinator and project management.


The tasks of the project manager lie between our customers and our employees. Very good communication and a high level of organizational skill are required here. If you don’t have any wind experience, you should be prepared to familiarize yourself with this industry very quickly. Project management forms the interface between customer orders and employee deployment. The office team is responsible for project management. The procurement of working materials, equipment and equipment is also controlled by project management.


Our recruiters have the task of finding wind personnel and supporting our employees in all matters. Since our employees work and live all over Europe, this is a very interesting job that is very international and requires quite a bit of knowledge about wind energy. But you learn this “on the job”. As a human resources manager in wind energy, you should not be afraid to speak English and definitely be interested in the topic of wind energy.

Technical Coordinator

This position is the interface between the teams in the wind farms and the office team in the specialist department. As a technical coordinator, you should have already worked for several years in the wind farms as a service technician and have relevant wind energy experience. Your task is to monitor the teams, communicate needs, find solutions on site, train new employees, or organize their training on the wind turbines. This job includes office hours and also a lot of time with the teams in the wind farms.

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