Our Service

Successful projects based on genuine partnership

Operation and Maintenance

  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance work
  • Maintenance / Repair Measures
  • Repair work
  • Diagnostics
  • Service- and Support

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Rotor Blade Service

  • Assessments and routine checks
  • Checking lightning protection systems
  • Inspection with drones and telescopic cameras
  • Surface cleaning / surface care
  • Repair of surface damage
  • Repair of structural damage
  • Repair of transport damage and production damage
  • Serration, vortex and retrofit repairs

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Plant Improvement

  • Retrofits
  • Demand-oriented night marking
  • Pitch cylinder replacement / pitch bearing replacement
  • Replacement of hydraulic hoses / leak detection
  • Generator alignment with laser measuring systems
  • Repair of Torque support on main gearboxes
  • Bolt and torque control studs
  • Replace blade bearing seal
  • Mechanical and electrical conversions

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Staffing Solutions

  • Personnel leasing / personnel placement in the following areas:
  • Offshore, Onshore
  • Logistics / Warehouse
  • Planning / Research
  • Administration
  • Engineering services
  • Quality monitoring

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Large Components

  • Large component replacement
  • Replacement of gearboxes, generators, main bearings, pitch cylinders, transformers

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  • Defect processing after construction
  • Realisation of expert opinions
  • Support during construction
  • Electrical and mechanical installation
  • Stud check / stud replacement
  • Site Management

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The RTS Wind AG team looks forward to long-term and strong partnerships with business partners and customers. Our in-depth experience in the wind energy sector is not just a strength, but our true passion. It is based on the commitment of our highly qualified permanent employees, all of whom are dedicated to the wind energy sector. This expertise enables us to deliver customised solutions on the European and global market, thus optimally meeting our customers’ requirements.

Our service covers onshore and offshore wind turbines, where communication and the highest quality are the keys to success.

As part of our “One face to the customer” philosophy, we attach great importance to ensuring that you have a dedicated contact person for all your concerns. Our clear focus on wind energy is particularly reflected when it comes to providing comprehensive resources of highly qualified employees or teams.

Our operations managers and personnel planners are regularly present on site to ensure that projects are successfully realised. With us at your side, you can rely on us to not only overcome challenges, but to always strive for excellence. Your goals are our mission, and together we not only create solutions but also set standards in the wind energy industry.

Employee statements

I chose wind energy because this industry has so much to offer me: Adventure factor, challenge, constant technical development, lots of fresh air and working in an international team. I also have the good feeling that I am doing something lasting for the future of our planet. RTS Wind AG and Rotorblattservice are the ideal employer for me with many good goals, I don’t know the daily grind, every day challenges me and helps me to grow professionally and personally.”

– Wjatseslaw, Team Lead

What I really appreciate at RTS Wind AG is the good team spirit among colleagues. This applies both to the employees at the wind farms and to the contacts in the office. Together, we manage the challenging task of implementing the energy transition. This often means travelling long distances, working in all weather conditions and observing many safety regulations. A good team is the be-all and end-all.

– Michal, Field Supervisor

A job that challenges me mentally and physically was important to me. I like being out in the fresh air and I love the view from my job. I am also a craftswoman through and through. This work has many small and large challenges that I have to face, but above all I want to. I also want to be part of the development of renewable energies. It’s more of a vocation than a profession.

– Marika, Rope Access Technician

It is important to me to do something meaningful with my job. By working in wind power, I ensure that renewable energies cover our electricity needs in a climate-neutral way, which is climate protection in action. I also enjoy working at height, there are few professions that can offer such a good view.

– Armin, Service Technician

Working in the wind industry as a rope access technician at RTS Wind Ag is a dream job for me. It combines many of my passions because I love being outdoors, hanging in the air and being involved with the environment. Not only is the work environment breathtaking and never boring, I also have the privilege of working with absolute legends who are also striving for an extraordinary life. What fun!

– Alex, Rope Access Technician

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