Field Supervisor Michal

We introduce today: Michal Bukowski, Field Supervisor

Areas of specialisation:

  • Rotor Blade & Tower Service,
  • Special Task
  • Maincomponent

Michal Bukowski’s journey in the field of wind energy is nothing short of remarkable, characterized by dedication, expertise, and a pursuit of improvement. His entry into the industry began in 2014 with a major international Independent Service Provider (ISP) in the wind energy sector, where he engaged in various positions around wind farms. This initial phase provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of wind energy, laying the foundation for his career.

The first encounter with RTS Wind AG in Michal’s career was a freelance project in 2017 in collaboration with the department head, Torsten Hartmann. The project focused on the erection of wind turbines in Varel, showcasing Michal’s versatility and his ability to contribute to various aspects of wind energy projects.

In March 2019, Michal embarked on a new chapter at RTS Wind AG as a Rotor Blade Technician. Over a period of 2.5 years, Michal refined his expertise and eventually became involved in a major project in Sweden.

Upgrade to Field Supervisor

The turning point in Michal’s career came with the Benelux Project in 2021. What was initially intended as a short-term, two-week punchlist job evolved into a three-year commitment. Michal assumed the role of Field Supervisor, leading the team through punchlist jobs in five wind farms in Benelux: Zeewolde, Blauw, Groen, Kroningswind, and Maasvlakte. The sheer scale of these projects, totaling 210 wind turbines, underscored Michal’s leadership and project management capabilities.

Beyond his technical role, Michal played a crucial part in the recruitment process, utilizing his extensive industry knowledge to assemble a qualified team of technicians. Over the course of three years, he identified and integrated more than a dozen technicians, showcasing not only his leadership qualities but also his keen eye for talent.

With a clear commitment to continuous learning and professional development, Michal is certified as a “Manager of European Projects” and is currently pursuing an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) at Collegium Humanum. Anticipating graduation after spring 2024, Michal’s educational efforts align with his aspirations for future growth and leadership in the field of wind energy. His journey so far demonstrates not only technical competence but also strategic foresight and a commitment to meaningfully contribute to the wind energy landscape.

As Michal Bukowski continues to ascend in his career, his story serves as inspiration for those navigating the dynamic and promising field of wind energy, showcasing how to build a career in the industry.

Field supervisor
Michal Bukowski, Field Supervisor

“I am multitask, i like to work on many levels at the same time. I am characterized by
commitment and consistent pursuit of the set goal. I have organizational skills and i like
to solve the problems,especially under time pressure. Im not afraid of new challenges. I
feel great in operational activities, not only at the desk, but also in the field.

My motto is “There are no problems – only solutions.”


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