Stefan Wolf


Stefan Wolf

Operations & Maintenance

+49 421 696 80 035

Our service technicians work throughout Germany to carry out maintenance and repair works on wind turbines

The maintenance and servicing of wind turbines is carried out by RTS bases throughout Germany according to a fixed annual schedule.

Within the framework of long-term contracts for work, dedicated and technically trained 2-3-man teams carry out service and maintenance work on various types of turbines and repair faults as required. The teams consist of electricians and mechanics who are carefully trained as service technicians for wind turbines. They work throughout Germany. An experienced organization by the office staff of RTS ensures the high quality and professional planning of the assignments. Close communication with our clients and good contact with our teams is our top priority. This ensures high quality in our work and high safety standards.


  • Maintenance work
  • Processing of retrofits and upgrades
  • Implementation of maintenance/upkeep measures
  • Repairworks

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