Torsten Hartmann


Torsten Hartmann

Onshore Projects

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Onshore projects in wind energy from the installation of the wind turbines to the service around the construction site

Versatility is what characterizes this specialist department. Onshore Wind Farm Service consists of different areas and is strongly influenced by the environment in which the wind farm is located.

The RTS project teams are on the road all year round throughout Germany and work for well-known manufacturers in the wind industry. The department has a lot of experience in the implementation of wind farm projects at any time of the year. 


- The complete installation of wind turbines from tubular steel tower segments to the nacelle, hub and blades

- Site planning and preparation
- Final assembly of wind turbines
- The interior fittings of wind turbines

- FBT Tower Construction
- Construction site planning and preparation
- Construction site logistics DOS
- Final assembly of the concrete tower
- Interior construction of the concrete tower

- Service and support work
- Support of service activities (e.g. torque controls)

- Retrofit and update work
- Measures for plant improvement
- Mechanical conversions
- Electrical retrofitting
- Generator alignment
- BNK conversions

The punctual and high-quality execution of the necessary work is a matter of course for us
- Permanent installation and service teams
- High competence and quality awareness
- Many years of experience in construction, interior design, retrofit and service projects

We would be pleased to have the opportunity to meet you personally to discuss your requirements.

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„Since 2015 I have been working as a project manager at RTS Wind AG. It fascinates me that I am decisively involved in the development of the department. I can bring in all my work experience and my ideas. “


Torsten Hartmann

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The office team Onshore Projects: Mirja Firnhaber, Patricia Balysz, Sebastian Kuhnke, Torsten Hartmann, Jörg Beckmann