New member in the board management of RTS Wind AG

January 2022

Head of rotor blade Marvin Benker is now CEO next to Ivo Lippe.

Mr. Marvin Benker has been part of the RTS Wind AG team since 2013 as Head of Rotor Blade. He has successfully built up the rotor blade division. He is also part of the management of RTS Wind GmbH in Austria since 2014.

Marvin Benker

As a trained service technician, Mr. Benker himself previously worked in the wind farms for many years. He lives with his wife near Bremen and has a young son. He is looking forward to the new challenges.

We wish him much success and also joy in his future tasks!

Ivo Lippe:
“We are very pleased that Mr. Benker has decided to accept the position of CEO. Mr. Benker has built up the rotor blade department in an impressive way to what it is today. It is always close to his heart not to lose sight of the other departments. This is exactly what we need at RTS.”

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