Successful ISO and Ohsas Audit

RTS Extends scope of certification

RTS Wind has been growing steadily for years. Therefore, our common management system continues to evolve. We have now proved this to our certifier. As part of the surveillance audit of RTS Wind AG, in January 2018, we extended the scope of our certification to the RTS Wind GmbH in Austria and the RTS Wind Ltd in the UK. (ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007)

  • We thank everyone involved. Special thanks go to Mr. Jann H. Ksellmann, who, as system manager, is in charge of the development, for his outstanding commitment.

It remains important to optimize our management system and to grow together throughout Europe. We look forward to this challenge!

A topic that is close to our hearts

In wind energy the topic of safety is particularly important as the work is carried out at great heights under testing conditions.

Read more about our safety and quality standars:

Safety and Quality

Iso und Ohsas Zertifikat

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  • OHSAS ger tb p

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Jann H. Ksellmann, Quality Manager

- Employed at RTS Wind AG since 2014
- Graduate of Business Administration, Human Resource Management and Labour Law
- Talent Management Expert

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