Employee interview Sedat Y. reports on his everyday work as a service technician for wind turbines

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"My working day is interesting and the whole team is friendly. I am very satisfied at RTS".

Interview with service technicians for wind turbines

Sedat Y. is 57 years old, lives in Berlin and has been with RTS as a maintenance technician since 2013. The main focus of his work is the main maintenance, wind dependent maintenance and grease maintenance of wind turbines. As part of the RTS service and maintenance teams, the electrician works in wind farms throughout Germany. We are pleased that he has taken the time to answer some questions about his job.

What training did you do?
I am a trained electronics technician. I also took this additional training course:
Electrician for renewable energies, focus on wind turbines

Were there any specific training courses for your job?
a) Switching authorisation, MS Transformer
b) Oil sampling
c) Clamping cylinder
d) Annual refresher training
e) First aid
f) PPE against falls from a height

How did you come to RTS Wind AG?
I came to wind energy through the recommendation of a friend. I then found RTS on the Internet and applied. 

What do you like about working in wind energy?
There is simply a lot of variety associated with this profession. The weather, the conditions, the wind turbines. Every day is different.

What do you like about working at RTS Wind AG?
One is very much encouraged. The behaviour in the whole team is very friendly and human.

Why did you leave RTS once and then come back?
I wanted to try something different. But when I compared the two companies I realised that I had made the wrong decision. Then I corrected my decision again. I am back at RTS and very satisfied.

What does a normal working day/week look like for you?
Service technicians for wind turbines work in 2-3 man teams throughout Germany. During the week we stay in hotels, on weekends we are at home. The teams are usually made up of mechanics and electronics engineers. Before we start our work, we talk through the tasks of the day so that we have a smooth workflow.

Was there a special experience at work at RTS that you will never forget?
When I complete weekly work assignments without complications, it is always a special experience. In wind energy this is not a matter of course, because you depend on many factors, e.g. the weather. So no week is like the other and it is and remains a challenge. I like that.

Who fits in well with our team and why?
Everyone who is responsible, everyone who thinks in a work and order-conscious way fits into our team.

Thank you Sedat for taking the time. :-)

Kristin Schmidt