RTS Wind Limited opens new office in Great Yarmouth and establishes a project department in the service of wind turbines

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New structures - New names – New opportunities

Towards the end of the year, the RTS Wind family are making progress: "RTS Wind Ltd" will become "RTS Wind Holdings Ltd" while "RTS Wind Recruitment Ltd" from Middlesbrough has removed the word “Recruitment” from the name and have become "RTS Wind Ltd".

Why all these changes?
RTS is adapting to the dynamic requirements of the wind energy industry. Managing Director Kevin McBride (RTS Wind Ltd) wants to change the direction of the company crucially, away from the exclusive use of "Temporary Work" employees and towards becoming a solid service provider for the wind industry. RTS UK will have their own teams that are on duty all year round and carry out customer orders. This step should succeed through some restructuring, which will now be implemented step by step.

New to the team:
Due to this vision of expansion we are proud to announce the acquisition of Jody Potter (Business Development & Technical Director) and Paul Hubbard (Sales & Project Director). Between them they bring many years of experience and a vast number of industry connections that we look forward to working with in the future.

Due to the continued growth of the group within the UK we now have three offices: Middlesbrough, London and now Great Yarmouth. Jody and Paul will be based out of Great Yarmouth which is seen by many within the industry to be one of the major UK hubs for Renewable Energy. With having an initial focus on the ‘statutory inspections’ aspect of wind turbines, they will also support RTS Wind in their growth of the O&M, service, installation and rotor blade inspection & maintenance service offerings.

Jody and Paul have visited our Head Office in Germany to meet the wider team to discuss our vision for the future.
This is what both have had to say upon joining the RTS Group:

  • "We are delighted to join the RTS Wind family and look forward to building on what’s already an incredibly successful company, with its multi service offering across an ever expanding renewables/clean Energy market, there’s never been a better time to be involved and we are excited at what the future may bring."

The UK team is highly motivated to take “RTS Wind Ltd” to the next level. The UK team will benefit from the experience of the German “RTS Wind AG”, which has been successfully operating as a service provider for the wind energy industry since 2014.

We all at RTS are excited for our new vision growth and development, which we will continue to report and update on our RTS platforms.

Ivo Lippe

Ivo Lippe, founder of RTS Wind, has been CEO of "RTS Wind AG" in Germany since 2012 and is now also Managing Director of "RTS Wind Holdings Ltd". He is optimistic about the coming year.

opti ivo lippe rts

Ivo Lippe

Statement Ivo Lippe

"The plan is promising and fits the demands that the industry is making on us. The aim is to transfer the proven RTS quality as a service provider to RTS UK. We have already succeeded in doing this in Austria with "RTS Wind GmbH". We stand for the values we have set ourselves and the quality of our work, no matter in which country. I look forward to seeing how we grow together and work together to implement the energy turnaround".

Kevin McBride, Managing Director of the RTS Wind Ltd:

“We at RTS Wind Ltd are very excited about the new times ahead, we are now implementing the vision and dynamics set out by our parent company RTS Wind AG. Our new statutory inspection division is just the start of our growth in the UK, with the right strategy and focus we believe Jody and Paul can grow this division to be one of the renewable leaders in this field. We are looking forward to the journey ahead”.

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Jody Potter and Paul Hubbard in front of the new office in Great Yarmouth

RTS Group Structure