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Just in time for Earth Day 2022, the two bee colonies of RTS Wind AG arrive and take up their important task for nature: Preserving biodiversity and species diversity.

Besides, they produce delicious honey for us. A win-win situation. From now on, the bees take up their important task for nature here with us. From their location, the bees fly 3-5 kilometres in a radius around the RTS headquarters every day to collect nectar and pollen. In doing so, they make an enormous contribution to nature by pollinating plants. Today, bees can hardly survive without the care of a beekeeper and find few opportunities to settle. We are pleased to be able to contribute to preserving the greatly diminished population.

To mark the occasion, we asked our employees what they do to protect nature. Because not only on "Earth Day", but every day we should think about how we can protect the environment. We at RTS Wind already do this every day in our professional environment, because we are actively helping to implement the energy transition. But our colleagues have also thought of a lot on the subject. Here are a few quotes:

  • Ronny B., Installation Lead: "On the subject of sustainability, I have been planting a 2-hectare wildflower meadow on our land, which has been untouched ever since and provides a shelter, habitat and breeding ground for many species of animals and insects."
  • Alexa B., apprentice: "I am currently creating a so-called "capsule wardrobe", which is a seasonally compiled wardrobe of a low number of basics and favourite pieces that can be easily combined with each other. This way I buy less new clothes and save resources and have more money for pieces that are made of environmentally friendly materials!"
  • Timo L., Site Manager: "I pay attention to this in my private environment: I separate my waste. I keep energy costs low (water/electricity consumption). I prefer to buy food wrapped in paper instead of plastic. I only buy meat products from the local butcher. At home I have a "bee meadow" in the front garden. I no longer buy fish (watch Seaspiracy on Netflix). I drive my car in eco mode in city areas."

We have received more contributions and published them in our current newsletter on page 3. If you want to read it, you can download it on the right.

Beekeeper Anna and Nico

img box beekeepers

The two of them will visit us regularly from now on and check on the well-being of the bees.

RTS Wind AG Newsletter 15 (1/2022)

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Kristin Schmidt