The film about rotor blade service describes the typical work in this area on the wind turbine

Marvin Benker


Marvin Benker

Prokurist, Leitung Rotorblattservice

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Film release, episode 2 "Rotor blade repair & inspection"

Have you always wanted to know what a normal working day outside in a wind farm looks like? We would like to give you an understanding of our everyday life: 

That's why our dual student Jerome Lippe visited some of our teams to get to know their working environment and we made films of them.

Today we would like to present the second film:

We travelled to Austria and visited two of our rotor blade teams in action. 

  • One team took us up to the blade on the working platform and showed us around, 
    how the surface is checked and, if necessary, repaired from the stage.
  • The second team, consisting of two ropemakers, could not take us with them, but we got dizzy just watching them....

We wish you a lot of fun while watching!  :-)