Great Rotor Blade Season 2017

Marvin Benker


Marvin Benker

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Doubled amount of service teams and big new premise

The department could hardly be in a better position at this time. With thirteen teams, nine blade platforms and two cherry pickers (103M) it is more than well equipped for the coming assignments. This pleasing growth is the result of hard work and a very good cooperation between the office team, the customers and the rotor blade specialists.

  • „Our customers, including some of Europes biggest operating and manufacturing wind energy companies, know that they can trust us. And this pays for itself.“ sais Marvin Benker, who heads the devision. "Last summer our teams were already fully booked for this season.“

The Austrian RTS Wind GmbH has a growing volume of orders in the rotor blade section. For managing director Christian Zach and his team the small office in Vienna became too tight. There was not enough room for the materials and tools of the technicians. Plattforms and service cars had to be parked elsewhere. 

Since the beginning of the year the problem has been solved. The Austrian team moved into its new premises in Rannersorf, near Vienna. 7000 qm outer surface and a heated 1100 qm hall belongs to the new RTS establishment. Enough parking space for the vehicles and storage facilities for the sensitive rotor blade materials. The hall can also be used for staff trainings and repair works irrespective of the weather.

The location is an ideal basis to offer very good service solutions to our customers and also a friendly working environment to our employees. We look forward to the coming seasons.



Company premises in Vienna with a Service Car in front of it.

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PICS Rotor blade Season 2014

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