Environmental protection is a top priority at RTS. We pursue this goal in many small and large individual steps.

Jonas Schröder


Jonas Schröder

Quality Management Representative

+49 421 - 696 80 024


Step by step to an environmentally friendly company

Since its foundation, RTS Wind AG has striven to be an enviromentally friendly company, in addition to be a part of the energy turnaround industry. For example, we were quick to focus on e-cars and had our own electric filling station built at our headquarters in 2014. This also includes the use of the most environmentally friendly materials possible.

The implementation of the many measures takes place step by step and must always be adapted to current developments. For some months now, we have had an environmental protection officer on our team, Mr. Jonas Schröder, who will continue to drive this process forward.

  • Jonas Schröder:
    "I am currently in the process of analysing the RTS offices to determine which areas can be equipped with more environmentally friendly components. My goal is to make RTS "as green as possible" and to reduce plastic and waste to avoid." 

The following projects are currently in progress:

  • Office supplies made of environmentally friendly material
  • Doing without Tetrapacks
  • Electrical appliances recycled/reused
  • Biologically easily degradable cleaning agents
  • Use recycled paper
  • Water and milk in glass bottles
  • Expansion of the e-car fleet
  • DHL Green for parcel shipping
  • Review of the supply chains
  • Environmentally friendly printing of advertising material
  • Use of Fair Trade products