Electrician Kevin reports on his job as an electrician and base manager at RTS in the service of wind turbines

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Kristin Schmidt

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Interview with a RTS Service Technician

How did you find your ways to the RTS Wind AG in 2015?

I am a qualified electrician, but before I joined RTS I worked as a fitness trainer. When this job didn't offer me enough challenges anymore, I started looking for a new job. Via the internet I came across wind energy and the RTS Wind AG. The combination of my learned profession and working at high altitudes appealed to me. RTS just offered an application day at that time, so I went there. A short time later I had my first assignment in a grid connection team.

What attracts you to wind energy?

In short - you make the world a little better every day. Even though our contribution out there in the wind farms is relatively small, you work every day for a good cause in which I personally firmly believe. I also enjoy the unique views from the wind turbines.

After some time, you moved from the grid connection, via the lift construction, to our Service & Maintenance department. For a short time you left RTS, but then you decided to return to RTS as team leader of our service station in Aurich. What motivated you to take these steps?

I left RTS so that I no longer had to work away from home on a job during the week. This is what moved me to take this step. But I quickly realized that I missed working at RTS. I missed the very personal company culture, the team spirit and also the work in wind energy. So I gladly accepted the offer of the Service & Maintenance department to start as team leader and have been back since March 2020.

Thank you very much for taking the time for this interview! 

Kristin Schmidt

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"I am Kevin, 30 years old and have been working for RTS Wind AG since 2015...

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I started at RTS 2015 in the grid connection, which is practically the complete cabling of the wind turbine before commissioning. That was also my start into wind energy.
Since 2017 I have been working in the project "Service & Maintenance" and carry out maintenance works on Enercon turbines. Our assignment is "onshore" - on land - and we are accommodated in hotels (single rooms) from Monday to Friday on assembly. My daily work consists of comparing the target condition of the plant with the actual condition. For this purpose, we carry out various inspection, maintenance and cleaning work in a 3-man maintenance team (2 electricians, 1 mechanic). Smaller and larger repairs are also carried out after consultation with our office staff.

Since 2019, I have been the base manager of the service base in Aurich and, in addition to my everyday tasks, I am responsible for the stock, ordering materials and checking that the inspection deadlines for tools and machines are met.

All in all, I am very satisfied as an employer at RTS Wind AG. The company culture and mission statement correspond to my ideas and I enjoy my job because I am actively involved in the energy revolution".