How does the career transition for electricians into wind energy at RTS Wind AG work as a service technician?

Stefan Wolf


Stefan Wolf

Operations & Maintenance

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Interview with our head of service Stefan Wolf

Mr Wolf, what makes joining your service & maintenance team as an electrician so attractive?

Our teams work under a long-term service contract. They are equipped to a very high standard of quality with service vehicles as good as new, first-class tools and are provided with their own PPE equipment and, of course, the complete work clothing.

Is previous experience in wind energy required?

The job is perfect for mechanics and electricians who want to get into wind energy. The 2-month intensive training of our client is fully paid from the first day. Afterwards, although you are not yet a finished service technician, you are qualified to carry out service and maintenance work on the required turbines.

What are the advantages for the employees in your teams?

  • Our employees are travelling all over Germany. In order to be fit for their assignments, they sleep in single rooms on the road.
  • Travel to and from the location is paid with a special allowance.
  • We have no weekend work.
  • If you want to keep fit, you can train, go swimming or take advantage of our company fitness program Hansefit in over 2000 fitness studios throughout Germany.
  • The salary is performance-based and increases gradually with increasing experience.
  • It is a good feeling to actively participate in the implementation of the energy turnaround.

That all sounds good. Do you ever celebrate together?

We have a Christmas party every year where all the service and maintenance teams come together. This year, we're taking a tour of the Elbe from Hamburg with a medieval buffet.

Where can you find the current vacancies at RTS Wind AG?

We always have our current vacancies on our RTS Wind AG job market:

However, since we are always looking for qualified electricians and mechanics, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application at any time.

The email address for this is:

Many thanks Mr. Wolf, that you took the time!


Operations & Maintenance

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