Kick-Off 2021 - Newcomer day by our trainees for the new apprentices at the Bremen headquarters of RTS

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Kristin Schmidt

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A bit of nervousness & uncertainty, but also anticipation: that's how you usually feel before the start of something new.

RTS Wind AG new traineeships start

To give our new apprentices a good start to their working lives, we organise a kick-off-day every year so that the apprentices - as well as our training manager - can get to know each other before the start of the apprenticeship and receive important information about the apprenticeship and our company.

  • But above all, we want our new trainees to feel comfortable and we want to take away any nervousness and insecurities you may still have with this very day. This year, the apprentice kick-off also took place in July, Chiara reports on the day!

The day started with: Getting to know RTS Wind AG
The day began with a short presentation about the company and the important framework conditions for the apprenticeship (such as working hours, vocational school or apprentice duties). Thus, we trainees from the 2nd and 3rd year of apprenticeship were able to report on our experiences and answer open questions.

This was followed by a Kahoot-quiz about RTS Wind AG and general areas of wind energy, which our apprentice Patricia had created for the day. Our trainees, as well as our training manager Daniela Kowalewski, played against each other and had to answer guessing questions such as "How many cars/transporters does RTS own", or "For how many households does a 3-megawatt wind turbine produce electricity". Of course, the focus was not on the correct result, but on giving the new trainees an understanding of wind energy and our company through funny questions.

  • In between, there was a lot of talking over coffee and biscuits until it was time to move on to the next game:

Each person had to write down 5 things about themselves, choosing what they wanted, e.g. a hobby, a funny characteristic, or something else. Then the cards were shuffled and the person who started had to draw a card and read out loud what was written on it and guess who it matched.

If the person guessed correctly, he or she would explain the sentence/word so that the others could get a better insight. And so they could get to know each other quite well.

2nd item of the day: A joint lunch 
With pasta and burgers in the nearby restaurant "Die Feuerwache" we fortified ourselves together for the last point of the day, which was still a surprise for the newcomers. For the afternoon programme, we said goodbye to Daniela and set off for the city Verden in the RTS e-car.

3rd item of the day: The climbing park
Once there, everyone went to the climbing park! With different levels of difficulty and heights, everyone was able to prove their courage and, above all, they were able to support each other and finish the day together. We are already looking forward to next year and wish the new trainees Anna and Natalja a great start to their training!

My conclusion:
For me, it was the second kick off day. I still remember how excited I was before the training started. But this excitement was immediately taken away from me on that day. I was warmly welcomed by everyone and it was a very nice day and start to the training. I found it all the more interesting to be on the other side this year and to plan the kick-off for our new trainees together with Patricia.

Apprentice 2nd year (personnel services clerk)

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Impressions of the day

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