App optimizes day-to-day business: digital time recording, digital driver's logbook and internal chat function

Kristin Schmidt


Kristin Schmidt

Marketing / Educational Officer

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An app makes daily business easier for our teams!

It all began in autumn 2018. In order to further advance our safety standards on the one hand, but also to do away with the paper form of the logbook for the vehicle, our specialist department "Onshore Projects" was looking for a way to record data digitally and in real time. At the same time, this should reduce the reaction time in case of emergencies at the wind energy plants by exact localisation. The company ArealControl from Stuttgart found a solution: Their app for an electronic logbook was adapted to the needs of RTS Wind AG and GPS trackers were integrated into the service and maintenance processes. But this was only the beginning...because more was already planned for the future.

Mobile time recording for RTS
According to the ECJ ruling in May 2019, employers are obliged to fully document the working hours of their employees. The already tested app has been extended by a mobile time recording and programmed in such a way that operation-specific activities from wind energy can also be recorded. The app is in use since May 2020. This app makes it possible to completely dispense with paper in working time recording, which saves an enormous amount of time and, last but not least, is good for the environment.

With the help of the app, the data can be made available directly to the administration for accounting and scheduling. Furthermore, the evaluation of the broken down activities helps the project management to gain insights for the optimal deployment of their teams. Another wish of the department was to have an internal chat communication between the back office and the teams. This was also made possible by ArealControl.

We will continue to write the success story
The current status today is that we have a flexible app with all the desired functions. But that is not the end of the story. In the coming months the other departments will follow suit and implement the app as well. The "Operations and Maintenance" department is already in the process of doing so and the "Rotor Blade" department will follow.

The functions of the app are also to be expanded. In the future, it should be possible to process order and route planning via the mobile application. A lot has already been achieved, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. A nice challenge, which we are happy to take up. We will continue to report.