An apprenticeship at RTS - Of course!

„Kaufmann/-frau für Büromanagement“, that does sound boring. Or doesn´t it?

RTS has managed to convince me of the opposite: with an apprenticeship in an industry that is supposed to steer the future in a green direction again. Not only my own future, but also that of my neighbours, classmates or the nice lady at the cash desk - no matter if mother or "pubertier"! 

In my search for potential apprenticeship training positions, RTS scored points for its family-like team, collaborative work at eye level and a perspective for the future, namely to have achieved something at the end of the day that moves us all forward.

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  • Make a difference as a "simple desk job"?

At RTS we work with people, not numbers. Because every one of our employees is an important part of our business, we take time for everyone, even if it may not be work related. This interpersonal relationship is what makes RTS stand out.

  • Grey with tie, or green with RTS?

RTS stands for diversity, sustainability and courage. Regardless of gender, political orientation or skin colour, each of us is committed to a future in which the colour green is not just toxic waste, but is on the environmental traffic lights. Our daily work contributes its share to the reduction of emissions. Through energy efficiency, we ensure a "mitigation" of climate change. And what do you do?

  • "Perspectives" is one of the most frequently used words in RTS.

No matter if it is about projects, international business relations or the trainees. As trainee you have all the tools at your disposal to learn not only for your job but for life!

Due to the large number of different departments, it is possible to go through ALL the areas necessary for the training here. On top of this, there is also a company's own, personally tailored English lesson, which can be very helpful when talking to branch managers from England or customers from abroad!

  • "Just do it!"

The most common saying I heard in my early days. Trying something out and learning from it is an important part of the training. Even if something should not work out, there is still (according to the industry) the "rescue belt".

In addition, there is a great training manager, Daniela Kowalewski, who is always available with advice and support. She accompanies you through the whole training and during regular feedback meetings you have the opportunity to help shape the company in order to bring your own touch into the colourful events at RTS.

  • Office only? - Oh Nope!

In addition to the predominant activities in the office, there are many possibilities to see "live" what is always managed and organized from your desk in the office: Site visits are always a highlight, just like the annual wind energy trade fair in Husum or Hamburg, where RTS has a large stand.

Finally, I can only advise you to do something for the
Future of the earth, not only for your own!

Tobias Bruns
Trainee at the RTS Wind AG