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Press Release: Adwen appoints inspectors to monitor the quality of construction at Wikinger wind farm in the Baltic Sea

RTS Wind AG is currently involved in a large offshore project in the Baltic Sea. Around 35 kilometres north-east off the island of Rügen, Adwen, a subsidiary of Siemens Gamesa, is constructing Wikinger offshore farm for Spanish energy supplier Iberdrola. Once completed, 70 Adwen AD 5-135 turbines will be supplying 350,000 households with electricity.

RTS employees appointed by Adwen will document and monitor the quality of the construction in all phases and proactively support the realisation of the offshore project: from transport to the construction of the wind turbines and the final handover of the completed wind farm. There are currently 24 inspectors, 5 documentation managers and 2 project coordinators from RTS who are working on the project from Sassnitz. Their tasks include the quality assurance of the preconstruction of the towers and rotors. At sea the inspectors are entrusted with ensuring the quality of the construction, cabling and commissioning. Some climbers from RTS are also used for the project.

In addition to excellent organisational skills, employees also require a technical background. IT skills, experience in quality control and a good command of English are also essential. RTS Wind AG has developed its own qualification concept to ensure that the project is completed to the utmost satisfaction of our customer, Adwen. This involves training, which will be held at the head office of RTS Wind AG in Bremen, and certification by TÜV Süd.

We are delighted to have gained the trust of Adwen in this way.


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