Top-Talents for wind energy: High Potentials

Martin Irmer


Martin Irmer

+49 421 696 80 068

The High Potentials personnel area is the place to go for young professionals, people with experience in the industry interested in working for us and experts working in a range of disciplines.

This brings together the various threads involved in filling technical and commercial specialist and management posts in the wind energy industry – national and worldwide, for specific projects or via direct personnel recruitment.

Completion of a technical or vocational study course, specific further training or many years of practical experience in one specific job role; these are qualification profiles that interest RTS.


High potentials take up roles in the technical-operational area, e.g as development engineer, construction, team or project manager, site or HSE manager and also supervisor.

Applicants with a commercial background perform roles in departments such as purchasing, finance, planning, documentation or asset management.


Ms. Buchholz will then contact you to discuss your career opportunities with RTS Wind AG. We look forward to hearing from you in any case.

Apply now! Send your CV to Ms Laura Buchholz

The career team for high potentials

Ms. Laura Buchholz (Recruitment) and Mr. Martin Irmer (Sales) are based in the Bremen headquarters of the RTS Wind AG. The two are responsible for the project assignments and the placement of the so-called high potentials.


RTS has been active in wind energy for over 20 years. This means that our contacts to the companies are based on long-term partnerships. A sound basis for identifying the operational needs of professionals in our industry and proposing the right person in the right place.

We are well trained to bring together needs and applicants. We have the contacts and the latest tools and techniques to optimally match what works together. With the help of RTS your application will be on the desk of the personnel decision maker.

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