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The wind industry has many areas of application.

To give you an idea of this fascinating industry, we have collected here the most important terms relating to a career in the wind industry.

Is my employment contract for an unlimited period?

Yes, as a rule this will be for an unlimited period at the RTS Wind AG and GmbH.

Will I be provided with work clothing, protective equipment and tools?

Yes, we supply all of your work clothing, personal protective equipment and tools for the job.

The tasks of a Wind Turbine Service Technician

As a service technician you are on the move in the wind farms. You work in Germany, Europe, worldwide, on land (onshore) or at sea (offshore). You work through and carefully document commissions. As a service technician for wind turbine generator systems, you are responsible for maintaining and repairing electronic and mechanical components. In small well-versed teams (containing max. 3 persons), you carry out routine maintenance independently and, if a fault occurs, you are responsible for finding and eliminating the defect.

Do you want to know more? Then visit our service area or our job market for open positions.


What do you do in the Installation of Wind Farms Area?

As an installation technician you are part of a well-versed team working throughout Germany and Europe. You assemble the tower segments, the nacelle and rotor star, working closely side by side with crane operators and logistics partners. This is an exciting job that depends every day on the wind, and for which a humdrum daily routine is simply out of the question.

Are you weather-resilient, physically fit and can you cope with heights? Have you always wanted to see some of the world and get to know different cities/locations? 

Visit our installation department online!

What's your job in the Grid Connection Sector?

Following installation, you prepare the wind turbine generator system for connection to the grid. Working high off the ground (or water), you connect the electrical components, wire them up and connect the generators and transformers. You work hand-in-hand with your team colleagues: every single action must be absolutely right and a high degree of precision is required. You travel with your team throughout the whole of Germany from one assembly site to the next.

This is a responsible job that demands commitment, gives you new challenges every day and keeps you fit. 

Learn more about it here: Department of Installation and Grid Connection

Jobs of a Rotor Blade Technician


You carry out the inspection, maintenance and repair of rotor blades. You work in small, well-versed teams consisting of two or three persons, either from a platform or suspended from a rope. You work throughout Europe in various regions. You will be working at heights of between 80 and 100 metres, so you will be enjoying magnificent views. The experiences of this unique job are unforgettable.

Do you love a thrill, and perhaps even have a climbing licence/qualification? Do you know something about fibre composite technology? Then this is the right job for you! 

Visit our rotor blade department online!

Areas of application in the Production and testing on wind turbines

This is a job for people with a highly-developed sense of technology with the motivation to work on innovative technologies. You assemble the electrotechnical and mechanical components of wind turbine generator systems on ultra-modern production lines at our production facility at Bremerhaven/Cuxhaven. You will also have the opportunity to work with the latest models and technologies at the test bench for wind turbine generator systems: by testing the various system types and carefully documenting the results.

Visit our job market to learn whether there are any vacancies in that area. 


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